Raydan Family Website
Originally, form Mookhtara, a small
village in the Chouf Mountain southeast
of Beirut, Lebanon.

The family name is spelled Raydan, or
Raidan since the name is translated form
Arabic. No one knows for sure how
long has the Raydan family been in
Mookhtara, but many of our elders
believe the first Raydan helped establish
the town about 1000 years ago.

We number about 50 persons in the
village, and about 250 descendants in
about 10 different countries.
We are of the Druze faith in Lebanon,
and although many of the family
members abroad share the belief, some
have chosen to follow different faiths.
This website is dedicated to
re-establishing contact between the
family members by means of
re-introducing the members that
remained in Mookhtara to the ones
whom we lost contact with.
A family tree is currently under
construction, and will be posted on this
website as soon as it is completed.
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